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Feels like summer has finally arrived here and we have been enjoying the sunshine for the past few days. With all moods elevated by the warmth and brightness we are […]

“Neadaithe,” meaning “nested” as gaeilge, serves as the title for an exquisite new collection of handmade rugs, cushions and wall hangings that fuse luxury design with sustainability in a novel […]

Its been a little over four years since we’ve taken part in Showcase in the RDS. We are really looking forward to the bustle and to seeing and meeting all […]

Wexford Festival Opera 2023 is here and we are very excited to open our exhibition of works in collaboration with Maree Hensey at the Blue Egg Gallery in Wexford town […]

While clearing around the opening to the well from which we filled our pond a clumsy slip and stumble resulted in a red blistered face coupled with the sharp burning […]

As the Autumn weather draws in and leaves begin to brown and fall, we prepare for the long nights and cold days ahead. Stormy weather is always on the cards […]

We have been watching and listening carefully and have identified lots of winged neighbours living in our vicinity. Mostly the common and expected birds but a few rare ones too. […]

Hard to believe June is already upon us, and summer is in full swing. We’ve been a little quiet with updates here but we have been beavering frantically in the […]

Spring equinox has just passed, and we once again find ourselves coming into the light. A good time to re emerge and begin with putting plans into action. So where […]

Great article about “Island” exhibition and auction in the New Issue of Cover Magazine that took place in Hang Tough Contemporary. Thanks to Denna Jones.