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Feels like summer has finally arrived here and we have been enjoying the sunshine for the past few days. With all moods elevated by the warmth and brightness we are delighted to announce our upcoming event.

We will be hosting Sean Ronayne, @irishwildlifesounds an ornithologist who works passionately with sound in nature, particularly with birdsong.

Saturday 25th May 2024
11:30 am
Barrystown, Wellingtonbridge, Co.Wexford, Y35NX82

Seans mission to record the song of every naturally occurring bird species in Ireland has led him to some recent appearances in the national media.The links below will take you to Sean’s recent interview with Tommy Tiernan, and an article in last weeks Irish Times.

Tommy Tiernan Interview

Irish Times article

Sean will give a talk at our showroom in Wexford presenting some of his amazing work exploring the magical world of birdsong.

Weather permitting we will follow this with a short hedgerow or shore walk, where we will take the opportunity to look and listen with Sean.

Birdsong is a universal pleasure, something we all take comfort from, even if subconsciously. Birdsong has a calming and soothing effect that even the most sceptical amongst us will find it hard to question. In fact its absence can give rise to instant unease. A lack of birdsong in any natural setting is taken as an alarm signal by hunters and trackers and their prey. It usually indicates the presence of predatory danger. (Or that their own presence has not gone undetected!)


Photos: Chris Maddaloni


Perhaps it is from this primal association that the practice of ornithomancy arose. Ornithomancy is the reading omens from the song and actions of birds. It is commonly found in cultures all around the globe.

Migratory birds who mimic the calls they have encountered on their travels, are they carrying news from afar? Indeed we have all long read omens from the appearance of a lone magpie! Most of us will have heard the old “one for sorrow two for joy” rhyme recited at some stage in our youth! In some places it is advised to always vocally greet the lone Magpie in order to avoid bad luck!

Where there is smoke there is sure to be fire, perhaps when we listen carefully there are messages in the singing of birds for us all.


Magpie won’t apologise

Her heart!

It’s fishing through her eyes

But didn’t she look fine and well

As she checked me out!

I bared the thing that brightest shone

Then with a flap all light was gone

as cackled cries

From empty skies

called“Thank you friend”

Thank you friend!


But double sorrow cant be joy

Though simple maths support this ploy

To pour some sense on senselessness

To place an eye in every storm

Where rests a momentary calm

With no rhyme nor reason no sense nor lack

just an I


I too could make a fine magpie

My heart was searching for your eyes

So Truth should come as no surprise

Thank you friend

Thank you friend.


With the recent arrival of many of the migratory birds here, the surrounding hedgerows are alive with song all day long. We are so excited for this event and are looking forward to sharing the experience.

If you’d like to join us follow the link below to book your tickets. We have limited seats and we are keeping attendance low for an intimate gathering so booking is essential.

Hope to see you here!!